Chateau du Besset
Chateau du Besset
Chateau du Besset
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Chateau du Besset Fam. Van Rooy
Chateau Du Besset
07270 St. Prix

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Chateau du Besset Chateau du Besset
in the garden park (2,5 hectares) of the castle are several terraces with berbecue that you can use. Also there is a swimmingpool (14x8 mtr), hammocks and parasols are present.
You can also use the volleyball court, the trampoline, table tennis, soccer field, football, mountain bikes, seesaw, slide, swings, etc.
There are many local activities such as flea-fairs, wine festivals, music festivals, pituresque villages and ancient citys, museums, amusement park, wildlife, a steam train, etc. etc.
Wildwaterkanoen, horseback riding, mountain biking, tennis, golf course, climbing, swimming, waves, fishing and many other activities.